The Benefits Of Mindfulness In Today’s World

The world we live in right now is diverse and magnificent, everyday we step closer to a more enlightened and caring population. I believe that is due to the benefits of mindfulness.

In our modern age we experience life in a fast and hard sense, we have everything we could possibly imagine at our fingertips. Technology has brought us further than ever before and connected us in ways that seemed impossible only a few years ago.

With all these new shiny things at our disposal we have unfortunately developed certain negative symptoms. Impatience, apathy, overwhelm and distress are a few that come to mind. I see it in everyday life, in myself and in other people.

“The real meditation is how you live your life”

As wonderful as life is right now there is a disconnect, not only from other people but from ourselves. It is easy to get overwhelmed and drown in all the negative news and information we are fed on a daily basis.

I believe this causes so many problems for us as a planet. What I think we need in this world is a bit more love and nurturing. Where is the self love and nurturing we need going to come from if not from ourselves.

Accessing the benefits of mindfulness

When we access the benefits of mindfulness it allows us to experience our fast paced reality in a more peaceful and manageable way. In my eyes mindfulness is the literal brake pedal to life, it’s there to help us slow down our knee jerk reactions in a positive and caring way.

It’s Only Been A Few Years

I started practicing mindfulness a few years ago and it has totally changed my life for the better. I have experienced the mindfulness meditation benefits in every aspect of my life and I continue to learn new and wonderful things everyday.

When we become mindful we allow things to just happen around us without reacting immediately or explosively. Rather, we take our time with the situation and allow things to happen and pass without fighting or resisting it.

Take driving for example, I live in South Africa and we have some of the craziest drivers in the world, not exactly Russia but it’s close enough. I often observe how angry people are while driving, how impatient and selfish people can be if they are in a rush to get somewhere.

This is a great situation in which the benefits of mindfulness could help so many people to stay calm and not allow their situation to control them or their emotions.

Below is a video by the one and only doctor Oz, it’s a brief summary of all the tangible benefits of mindfulness. He is joined by Corey Muscara who is a mindfulness meditation coach.

This is just one example of how the benefits of mindfulness in today’s world can have a massive impact on our society as a whole. The more mindfulness becomes accepted as the “norm” the better off we will all be.