Reset Yourself With These 9 Mind Reset Activities

Are you feeling a little bit overwhelmed? Life is fast paced and we all have our own unique stresses to deal with. The project deadline that’s around the corner, the unexpected expense that’s come at the worst time or just the mind fog so many of us wade through daily. It takes a toll on our spirit if we don’t take care of it. It is important to reset your mind regularly so that you can get yourself back on track, when left unattended stress can multiply and leave you feeling depressed.

Learning to reset when you are facing stress in your life is a skill not many people know how to properly utilize. I go through periods of my life where I’m just not content with whats happening. If I dont actively practice some kind of mind reset activity I get depressed and my anxiety takes over. When my anxiety starts showing up I know its time for a refresh.

Resetting Yourself And What It Means?

Have you ever had problems with your computer, it’s sluggish and unresponsive. You phone tech support and the technician politely gives you the advice of “have you tried turning it on and off again”. I look at my mind, body and soul in a very similar way. When I’m feeling sluggish and unresponsive I turn to these reset yourself activities to “turn myself off and on again”.

“Every sunset is an opportunity to reset.” 
― Richie Norton

9 Reset Activities You Can Use

Below are 9 activities that you could try when your mind is a bit foggy. These are my go to methods when my life feels overwhelming, some of them may work for you and some not. After reading through them Im sure you will be able to discover a few of your own techniques that you already do without even knowing it. If you do feel free to leave them in the comments section of this article. I’d love to learn some more myself.

9 Simple ways to literally reboot your mind, body and soul.

1. Cold Showers

I absolutely love cold showers they are difficult to do but once you’ve done enough of them they become easier and easier. When you are in a funk and you feel like you need a reset simply hop into a cold shower.

reset yourself

Cold showers have been proven to have positive effects on your well being and your inner peace. Since I started taking cold showers I have noticed that I am more positive and just generally happier. When I’m feeling a bit depressed or overwhelmed I know I can reset myself by literally shocking my body with cold water. I always feel better after a couple of minutes. I have found that cold showers work the best when I am frustrated or angry.

There are some additional benefits to taking cold showers listed below:

  • Improves your emotional resilience
  • Reduces stress
  • Gets you comfortable with discomfort
  • Increases your overall alertness
  • Stimulates and promotes weight loss
  • Cold showers improve your circulation
  • Strengthens your immune system
  • Relieves depression
  • Wakes you up very quickly

Every cold shower you take builds up your comfort with discomfort. There hasn’t been one cold shower that I’ve looked forward to yet. That first moment right before you turn on the water is the hardest part. If you can overcome that initial burst of cold water you will be fine.

2. Grounding

Grounding is a great coping mechanism. The aim of grounding yourself is to bring you back to the present moment. Nothing clears your mind like being aware of the moment that you are in. Grounding can also be done anywhere unlike the cold shower mentioned above, its also not going to make you scream like a little girl.

There are several grounding techniques you could use when you feel like you need a mind reset. Here is an article that dives into what grounding is and how you can practice grounding yourself.

3. Earthing

reset yourself

Earthing requires you to kick off your shoes and head outside to feel the earth against your bare feet. By being in contact with the earth you can absorb it’s natural energy. Free electrons are taken up into the body. Some people refer to these free electrons as natures antioxidants and they claim to have massive benefits for your well being.

I’m not sure about the science behind it all but I can tell you that walking barefoot on the beach or some grass does make me feel better. Earthing works best for me when I pay attention to what the earth feels like under my feet and visualize the earth’s energy flowing into me through the soles of my feet. It’s also a great excuse to take off your foot prisons and free your feet for a while.

4. Breathe deeply

Walk outside and take some deep meaningful breaths. For added benefits take off your shoes and earth yourself too. Breathing is free and we all know how to do it, the problem is that most of us shallow breathe.

Take note of how you breathe when you are working on your computer or watching a movie, it’s probably shallow. Many of us shallow breathe throughout the day. Its become the norm to have shallow breath. We aren’t forced to exert ourselves anymore. When was the last time you had to breathe heavily because of a life circumstance. Getting oxygen into our bodies is important.

I like to play this game with myself. When I catch myself shallow breathing, I force myself to take a few deep breaths. You will be surprised at how many times you will catch yourself in shallow breath mode.

Here are some of the benefits of breathing deeply:

  • Get yourself out of a funk
  • Increase your energy
  • Improves your respiratory system
  • Calms down your nervous system
  • Strengthens lymphatic system
  • Relaxes muscle tension

A simple way to practice breathing deeply:

I call it the 1-2-3-4 technique and it’s very simple. You can do this technique anywhere and at anytime. I incorporate this technique when I catch myself shallow breathing.

Breath in on the count of four, fill your lungs as much as you can. Now hold your breath for the count of four and then exhale for the count of four.

I do them in rounds, one round will be one cycle of INHALE – HOLD – EXHALE. You can do as many rounds as you like. The 1-2-3-4 technique is quick and easy to do.

Here’s an interesting take on breathing by Belisa Vranich. In this video she teaches you how to breath properly.

5. Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the act of being intensely aware at any given time. You do so without any judgement or interpretation, you simply observe. Mindfulness is very good for us and the most amazing thing about it is that it can be incorporated into so many daily life activities.

Mindfulness techniques you can try:

There are many benefits that come with practicing mindfulness. In this article we cover the many benefits a mindful practice can bring to your life. Once you start practicing mindfulness you will soon be incorporating it throughout your day. It becomes a part of your life and a part of you.

6. Positive Affirmations

Give yourself a confidence boost by saying some positive affirmations to yourself. Affirmations are powerful and I have experienced huge benefits through affirmation. Affirmations are easy to do and work very quickly when you might need a pick me up.

Examples of positive affirmations:

  • My strength is greater than any struggle
  • Everyday in every way I’m getting better and better
  • There is no one that can make me feel inferior
  • What I become is what I choose
  • Positivity is a choice that I make
  • My mistakes do not define me
  • Everyday i make the best decisions for me
  • I respect my body and I care for my body
  • Negative self talk has no place in my world

If you’d like to learn more about affirmations and how you can construct your own personal affirmations read this article.

7. Become uncluttered

I work from home and sometimes my office can get a little cluttered. Cleaning up and doing a quick tidy can help to clear my mind. If you clean up mindfully and really focus on what you are doing you will get out of your headspace and feel better for it.

Having an uncluttered office also keeps me in a better space overall so when I notice that there’s too much stuff lying around I make an effort to unclutter.

8. Get a gym workout in

Go and get physical. A gym workout might be just what you need after a long day or before you start work. Exercising has a slew of wonderful benefits for your overall well being.

It’s something I can’t live without because after a gym workout I feel so damn good. Take it a step further by practicing mindfulness while you workout for added benefit.

9. Journaling

Journalling is another great technique you can use. I dont use this one as often but every now and then when I feel like I really need to unload I will put pen to paper.

Journalling is very therapeutic and a great way to sort out your thoughts. Read our article on journalling ideas and how to start here.

Have A Reset Day

Sometimes your motivation and optimism fades away, and before you know it, you are stuck in a rut! You’ve literally gone off the track. This is when you need an entire reset day.

So you’ve decided to try some of the above reset activities and for a while you were implementing new habits and things were going well. Then life happened and you started to drift. Don’t worry this happens to the best of us. The best way to deal with this is to bring yourself back and consciously decide to plan an entire day around getting yourself back into the game.

A reset day is an uninterrupted stretch of time dedicated to getting your life back in order and it is essential for your well-being. This day should be scheduled for a day during the week. Take a vacation day if you need to. Weekends are usually busy, especially if you have a family, a long list of chores or prior arrangements. A week day allows you the chance to sort through things without being disturbed.

Here are some ideas for a reset day, make sure you don’t spend more than an hour on the more menial tasks.

  1. A tidy home is a tidy mind. Do the things you have been putting off, the laundry, taking out the trash or making your bed.
  2. Get through those unfinished tasks. Write a list of all the things you’ve been meaning to do. Have you organized your estate/will? Have you thought about or started a savings account? Are there things in the house that need fixing? Do you need a health check up or a new workout regime?
  3. Take action, go through the above list and see what you can do today. Make a doctors appointment, call the plumber or pay those left over bills. Make sure you scratch off a few items from your list.
  4. Examine your routine. Take a look at your daily routine, what has fallen away and what have you continued to do? Are there things you can add or take away to relive some stress? Do you need an entirely new routine? Write it down and start again tomorrow.
  5. Unwind and recharge. Once you’ve gone through your goals and written down some action plans take the rest of the day to relax. Take a nap, do something you love, get a massage or read a book you’ve been wanting to read.

“Reset your tune to Divine melody.” 
– Mahrukh Memon

Many people underestimate the need for a reset day. Sometimes you just need a few hours to gather your thoughts and come up with a new action plan. By just taking one day off every now and then you can completely recharge your drained batteries and go back to work the next day ready for anything.

I hope that these activities can help you when you feel like you need a bit of a reset. Simply turn the mind on and off again.