How to Feel Younger: The Best Health Strategies for People on a Budget

Are you tired of feeling like you’re trapped in an older person’s body? From low energy to achy joints, there are a lot of things that can make us feel older than we actually are. Luckily, many of those things are entirely within our control if we just transform our habits.

Unfortunately, changing habits is hard. That’s why so many people turn to quick­fix solutions like crash diets and six­week workouts. However, these wellness trends aren’t just expensive, they’re also ineffective.

If you truly want to transform your health so you feel younger, don’t look to your wallet for results. Instead, use these cost­saving tips from The Reflective Mind to give your body the care you deserve at a price you can afford.

Design your own at­ home workout plan

Expensive gym memberships are nice, but not necessary for getting the exercise your body needs to prevent chronic disease and fortify the brain against depression and dementia. You can meet all of your fitness needs for free at home and outdoors.

A good fitness regimen includes cardiovascular exercise, strength training, and stretching.

Cardio workouts

● Walking
● Jogging
● Cycling
● Swimming

Strength training exercises

● Body weight exercises
● Weight lifting
Resistance band workouts

Stretching and flexibility

● Yoga
● Balance training
● Pilates
● Stability ball exercises

It only requires a few basic pieces of gear to get started with these at ­home exercises, including workout clothes, free weights, resistance bands, and a yoga mat. If you’re on a budget, stick to low­ cost items like these before investing in expensive workout equipment and shop around for deals before you buy. Whether it’s a Nike promo code or a coupon to a big­ box store, you can usually dig up a deal with a little searching.

Get more nutrition for less

Processed food is easy on the wallet, but it’s hard on your body. A diet high in processed foods is linked to weight gain and heart problems when compared to diets rich in whole foods.

Instead of relying on boxed foods that are high in calories and low in nutrition, build your diet around healthy, whole, and affordable ingredients like these.

● Budget friendly meats
● Canned fish
● Eggs
● Canned or dry beans and lentils
● Nuts
● Whole grains
● Fresh in ­season or frozen fruits and vegetables
● Low ­fat dairy and unsweetened yogurt

Processed foods aren’t all bad, either. When we talk about “processed food,” what we’re actually referring to is ultra­processed foods that “are made mostly of industrialized ingredients and additives, with little to no intact whole foods,” AP News explains. In fact, some processed foods can be a great tool for weight loss. For example, green tea boosts metabolism, fiber supplement drinks help you feel full, and protein shakes curb sweets cravings and supply essential nutrients. Instead of ruling out all processed foods, learn to pay attention to what’s on the label.

Invest in your self­-care

We’ve addressed physical health, but what about your mental health? While self­-care splurges get a lot of attention, the best self­-care you can do costs practically nothing. These are some basic self­-care practices you can do on a budget.

● Follow a sleep schedule
● Get active
● Spend time outdoors
● Limit screen time
● Write in a journal
● Learn to say no
● Practice gratitude
● Meditate

It’s no surprise that mindfulness and meditation are great for your health too. Even if you’re new to these practices, you can get started at no cost with free meditation scripts and mindfulness courses. For help staying mindful in everyday life, turn to free and low­cost apps like Headspace,, and Smiling Mind.

Healthy ageing isn’t just for the well­to­do. Even on a tight budget, you can maintain the healthy habits you need to feel your best today and at every age. Whether you want to lose weight, fight stress, or just feel better, let The Reflective Mind guide your way to a healthier, happier you. With online resources for mindfulness and meditation, we’re the perfect place to kickstart your self­improvement journey.