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We Are So Excited To Share These Guided Meditation Scripts With You!

This healing meditation uses a body scan to relax & replenish the mind, body & soul.

I created a relaxation meditation to help manage and ease stress and anxiety.

A breathing meditation using mindfulness to help you focus on the breath and body.

This meditation for kids can be used as a relaxation exercise for your children.

A manifestation meditation to help you manifest your dreams and reach your goals.

A breathing technique that will boost your energy and focus.

When Working Through These Meditation Scripts Please Take Note Of The Following:

It would be a good idea to turn off your phone and shut out the outside world.

Feel free to customize the script to suit your needs and preferences. 

I would recommend recording yourself reading the script in a calm, deliberate and slow voice. 

Pause frequently while reading, take your time with each word and sentence. 

Listen to your recording frequently.  

Be Mindful Of  Your Thoughts

The intention is to spend time noticing each region of your body and to let go of the tendency to want things to go a certain way.  

You are not trying to get anywhere or achieve a special state. 

Release the need to judge how you are doing.

The mind will wander away and this is completely normal.  

Notice when this happens and gently bring your attention back to the meditation without judging yourself for it.  

There is no right or wrong way to feel, just let your experience be.  

You may feel pain during this meditation and that is ok, just notice it for what it is.  

When doing the meditation for kids, feel free to explore the exercise with your child afterward.